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Human life cannot go further without the presence of chemicals. Chemicals make a very important contribution to all fields. Among them, Sodium Nitrate (Sodium nitrate) is one of the very important chemicals, with many practical applications in human life.

So what is sodium nitrate? How does it apply? Let's find out with Vntradimex through the article below.

Product information

Product name: Sodium nitrate

Other names: Saltpeter, saltpeter, soda nitre, chile saltpeter, nitrate, nitric acid sodium salt, sodiumminnitrate.

Chemical formula: NaNO3

Origin: China

Specification: 25kg - 50kg/bag

Product appearance: white granules, easily soluble in water.

Hóa chất Natri nitrat cao cấp

High quality sodium nitrate chemical


– Sodium nitrate is widely used as a fertilizer and raw material in the production of gunpowder. It can combine with iron hydroxide to form a resin

– Used to preserve processed meat such as sausages, ham, salami, and cold meats.

– Used in the production of nitric acid by reacting with sulfuric acid

– Another less common application is that sodium nitrate can be used as an oxidizer to replace potassium nitrate in fireworks.

– Sodium nitrate is also used in combination with potassium nitrate in solar thermal collectors

– Sodium nitrate is a component that provides raw materials for rockets, because it is cheaper and more stable than potassium nitrate.

– In addition, sodium nitrate is also used to treat wastewater by providing nitrate to facultative aerobic microorganisms, helping the wastewater treatment process by microorganisms take place faster.

Effects of sodium nitrate on human health

– Like sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate creates nitrosamines, a human carcinogen, causing DNA damage and increased cell degeneration. Studies show that the association between nitrate levels and the risk of death from Alzheimer's, diabetes, and Parkinson's may be through the effect of nitrosamines on DNA...

– If you use foods containing sodium nitrate in your daily diet, it can increase the risk of heart disease. Sodium nitrate is one of the common reasons for heart damage. This chemical can cause blood vessels around the heart to stiffen and narrow.

User manual

Depending on the intended use of NANO3 sodium nitrate in each specific industry, there are different uses.

It is recommended that you consult instructions from the technical team before implementing a specific process.

Note when using

Keep out of reach of young children and inexperienced people.

Before using, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions for use on the packaging.


In a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight

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