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Payment policy


When making payment at VNT Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company, you need to clearly read the following payment policies:

1. Regulations on forms of payment

– Payment by cash or bank transfer

- The payment time is agreed by the two parties and performed according to the signed contract.

2. Bank account information


Account number VND: 1181.000.333.2268 At: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank – Bac Ha Branch, Hanoi.

Account number VND: 0201.2481.501 At: Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Hanoi Branch.

Account number VND: 999.666.88 At: Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Hanoi Branch.

Please notify us when you have made a money transfer or transfer.

We will not be responsible for errors in the transfer process or transfer of wrong information, you must work with the bank to get it resolved, only when the money is transferred to our account, We will confirm with the customer. In some situations, you can ask the bank that you make the transaction or our bank to use to check the evidence when necessary.

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