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Borax 99.9% and borax pentahydrate 99.9% are forms of the compound boron Borax, commonly used in metallic borax and glass production, as a flame retardant and in the chemical industry. Same Vntradimex quality learn more about Borax 99.9% product in the following article

Product information

Product name: Borax 99.9% – Borax – borax pentahydrate 99.9%

Formula of Borax: Na2B4O7.5H2O

Origin: USA

Specification: 25 kg/bag

CAS: 1217 904 3

Appearance: Borax is a white powder that dissolves in water

Common names: Borax, Borax, Borax pentahydrate

Hóa chất Borax

Borax chemicals

Characteristics and properties

Borax is the Vietnamese name for Borax (chemical name is Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate or Sodium Borate Decahydrate, meaning Sodium Borate).

Borax occurs in nature and is often found at the bottom of salt lakes after they dry out. Borax comes from natural sources as clear white crystal blocks (because it is hydrated). Borax powder sold in Asian food stores is Borax that has been dehydrated, so the borax powder has a milky white color.

Because it occurs in nature, borax has been used since ancient times as a mild disinfectant and to wash or bleach clothes, because in those days there were no detergents and bleaching powders we use today. Nowadays, there are some Western stores that sell washing powder with Borax packets next to them for older housewives who want to use borax with washing powder.

Borax is a chemical used for many things in the laboratory, not listed here because it is a difficult subject to understand.

>>Learn more about Borax chemicals, see an overview of Borax chemicals right away?



– Flux in metallurgy: Molten Borax cleans the surface of hot metal by dissolving metal oxides. This creates good contact between metal surfaces when the metals are welded.

– Borax tempers glass to withstand heat, and puts it into crockery before molding it into shape.

– Wood treatment: Borax is dissolved and applied to the outside of the wood, or the wood is dipped in a borax water reservoir. This wood is then used to make houses to prevent woodworms or other pests from eating away at the wood (because it is toxic to these organisms).

– Insecticide: In the medicine to kill black ants in the kitchen produced by NIPPON company, this liquid contains 5.5% borax (it is written on the front of the medicine bottle because it is a toxic substance that must be recorded). go out).


For the West, Borax is toxic to living things and borax cannot be used in food because it is on the list of thousands of chemicals allowed in food and drinks (collectively called E numbers for ad ditives, preservatives, antioxidants). , colourants,...) does not have the name Borax.

In Chinese and Vietnamese foods, Borax is added a little to toughen the resulting product, such as in pho noodles, vermicelli noodles, noodles, pork sausage, etc. However, adding more or less BORAX to food The food depends entirely on the hands of the food makers here. Therefore, you need to be careful when you want to eat too much food containing Borax


cool, dry place

Rating SALE BORAX CHEMICAL 99.5% – NA2B4O7.10H2O

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