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PERLITE mineral rock is a mineral stone widely used in agriculture. So what are the uses of this mineral stone? Where to buy PERLITE mineral stone? Let's find out more details with VNT Chemicals in the article below.

What is PERLITE?

1. Perlite Unexpanded (Coarse unexpanded pearls)

- Raw perlite is mined from deposits that have formed around the crater for many years, it has a special structure and contains a lot of Silicon oxide and Aluminum oxide.

Perlite Perlite is a natural siliceous rock created by volcanic eruptions. The distinguishing feature that sets raw perlite is that when heated to a suitable point in its softening (Expansion) range, it expands 4-20 times its original volume.

– Mined raw perlite is graded and ground into small particles from 0.1-1.05mm to make raw materials for many applications and create Perlite Expansion types.

2. Perlite expansion 

This expansion is due to the presence of 2-6 percent water incorporated in the coarse perlite. When heated to quickly above 1600°F (871°C), unpacking raw ice in a manner similar to popcorn as combined water evaporates and creates numerous tiny bubbles that account for the wonderfully porous weight and other special physical properties of expanded perlite.

Đá khoáng Perlite


Describe the process of formation of swollen perlite.

Perlite (Perlite) is a type of volcanic lava that dries after eruption, forming large plates containing many minerals, mainly SiO2 (70%) and other minerals. Crude perlite is mined and milled to a size of 0.2-0.5mm Perlite

Once expanded Perlite is used for a variety of applications in industry, construction and horticulture. With special chemical and physical properties, more and more applications from Perlite are applied in practice.

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