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Boric acid 99.9% is a weak acid of Bo. Exists in the form of colorless crystals or white powder and is soluble in water. Boric has a number of legitimate uses and is widely used in manufacturing as detergents, water softeners and disinfectants in weak concentrations.

Product information

– Product name: Boric acid

– Other names: Boric acid – H3BO3

– Chemical formula: H3BO3

– Origin: BOLIVIA

– Specification: 25kg/bag

– Appearance: Colorless crystals or white powder, soluble in water


1. Medical

–  Because of its antiseptic properties, boric acid is used in medicine as an antiseptic, for small burns or cuts. The dilution of boric can also be used as an eyewash and vaginal wash to help treat bacterial infections.

 Sometimes, boric is used to treat fishing bait, or burn athlete's foot. Besides, it is also used as a preservative for water samples in the laboratory

2. Insecticides

Boric is also considered a very good insect repellent. This acid acts as a poison in the stomach that fights infection. From there poison us, And gradually die down.

3. In industry

In industry boric is used quite a lot. The production of fiberglass requires a lot of boric. This fiberglass is used in ships, industrial pipelines, computer boards, etc.

– In the jewelry industry, boric acid combined with wine will help reduce surface oxidation on metal during annealing and operation.

– In addition, boric is also commonly used as a cross-linker in the oil and gas industry

4. In preservation 

Boric acid is also widely used in pest control applications.

Examples include wood preservatives, water softeners and metallurgists to harden and treat steel alloys and support metal plating applications and materials.

User manual

Depending on the intended use of boric acid in each specific industry, there are different uses.

It is recommended that customers consult the instructions from the technical team before entering the specific process. 

Note when using

Be careful when using boric acid, use labor protection when in contact, stay away

The main symptoms of boric acid poisoning are green-colored discharge, diarrhea, a rash and a bright red color on the skin.

There are also other symptoms such as coma, convulsions, fever, scaling, peeling skin. 


Store in dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight

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