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Magnesium Nitrate MgNO3 is an important and widely used chemical in life. Not only is a fertilizer providing micronutrients for plants, Magnesium Nitrate is also used in many other industries.

Product information

Magnesium nitrate is synthesized in a variety of ways between nitrous acid and magnesium metal, or magnesium oxide. Magnesium hydroxide; or magnesium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate can react to form MgNO3, a by-product ammonia is released. This compound has a strong ability to absorb water, so it often exists in the underground form, most commonly hexahydrate (6 molecules of water). , so when heating the hexahydrate does not release water, but instead it decomposes into magnesium oxide, oxygen and nitrogen oxide.

Chemical Name: Magnesium Nitrate

Chemical formula: MgNO3

Appearance: Transparent color crystals, easily soluble in water

Main application of Magnesium nitrate:

In fertilizer raw materials:

– Is a highly soluble source of Mg and N for plants. Magnesium is one of the essential elements for plant growth, is a structural component of colorfin, xantofin and carotene (chlorophyll) affecting photosynthesis, promoting the synthesis of other substances. and increase resistance to pests, promote enzyme activity, prevent soil hardening.

– It also helps the root system to thrive, increasing the ability to absorb water for chlorophyll synthesis, shortening the growth time of plants. The fruit's 'brightness', color and flavor are significantly improved. Studies have proven that the use of magnesium fertilizers can increase crop yields by 10%-30%. It can also be used as a soil neutralizer.
– N form of soluble nitrate and quickly absorbed by the plant.
Magnesium nitrate does not contain Cl, Na and other harmful metals, strongly soluble in water, so it is effectively used in the production of foliar fertilizers.

Other uses of Magnesium nitrate (Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate):

– Used in some fields such as water treatment, printing ink and antifreeze
Used to produce explosive salt in the manufacture of explosives.

Preservation: dry, cool place


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