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Nova Potassium aka Nova Potassium is a fertilizer that presents a 5:49 (21) N,K(S) balance, an ideal alternative to high potassium and lower nitrate addiction. The product's technical characteristics make it particularly suitable for the irrigation of potash fertilizers, even in irrigation water with a high calcium content.

Product information

Chemical name: Nova Potassium fertilizer

Formula: SO3

– Packing: 25 kg/bag

Product appearance: Granular, easily soluble in water

Phân bón Nova Potassium cao cấp chính hãng

Advantages of fertilizer Nova Potasium

– N: K is more balanced than potassium fertilizers for fertilizing.

– Manure suitable for the preparation of solutions with water with calcium content.

– Potassium fertilizers with low salt index reduce undesirable effects in plants by salt concentration.

– High solubility, even in hard water conditions.

User manual

Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging


Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight and avoid contact with chemicals

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