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Mono Potassium Phosphate MPK is a fertilizer originating from Israel, containing many important nutrients in plant growth. This type of fertilizer has the effect of enhancing the ability of plants to absorb nutrients, stimulating plants to quickly mature and produce results. This is an indispensable fertilizer in the flowering and fruiting process of the plant.

Product information

MKP ISRAEL/MKP 0-52-34/Mono Potassium Phosphate/

Formula: KH2PO4

Produced from technical phosphoric acid and Potassium Carbonate.

Specification: 25kg/bag

Origin: Israel

Description: White crystals or powder, easily soluble in water.

Potassium phosphate (KH2PO4) aka MKP: Contains 35% K2O and 52% P2O5. Due to the relatively high cost, this fertilizer is prioritized to spray on leaves to have high economic efficiency, stimulate plants to flower early and at the same time, high fruiting rate.

The full name of MKP fertilizer is Mono Potassium Phosphate. Fertilizer contains 2 main nutrients, phosphorus (52%) and potassium (34%) in completely soluble form, so it is often used as a foliar fertilizer or mixed into a drip irrigation system.


+) MKP promotes rapid maturation of young leaves (old) which is favorable for the processing of off-season flowering.

+) MKP enhances the absorption of fertilizers and other nutrients in the soil.

+) Increases flowering. Stimulate flowering, reverse the season and reduce the use of mineral fertilizers on crops.

+) In the environment with alum poisoning and organic poisoning, MKP fertilizer has the effect of stimulating young roots, helping plants to recover quickly.

+) Nourish the fruit, help the fruit to thin the skin, sweeten the water, firm the seeds, beautiful design, stay fresh for a long time.

+) Harden trees, resist falling, increase resistance for plants. Helps plants withstand harsh weather conditions such as too hot, too cold, wick rain.

+) Because it does not contain nitrogen, in the rainy season, MKP is often used to replace potassium nitrate fertilizer (KNO3) to provide potassium to increase crop yield while limiting some diseases such as rice blast, powdery mildew. , lament.



– Quick and completely soluble in water. Apply for:

+) Spray on leaves.

+) Irrigate directly at the root, or drip irrigation.

+) Used in hydroponics.

– Source of Phosphorus and Potassium, not accompanied by substances harmful to plants such as: Chlorine (Cl); Sodium (Na); Sulfur (SO4)…

User manual:



+) Do not spray when the sun is hot or when the tree is in full bloom.

+) Spray wet foliage, tree branches.

+) MKP can be mixed with other fertilizers, except those containing Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg)


+) Store in sealed packaging, store in a cool place, away from children, food, cooking utensils, livestock and water sources in use.

+) Not to be mixed with organic compounds, sulfur or reducing agents during storage and transportation.


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