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Fruit Ace, also known as Fruit K, is a fertilizer that provides high levels of potassium, magnesium, and sulphate for plants. This is a fertilizer certified by European organizations as organic, even though it does not contain any organic ingredients. Why? Let's find out this wonderful fertilizer with VNT

Product information Fruit Ace

Potassium, magnesium are common natural elements, are essential nutrients for plants, animals and humans, finding a natural mine located at a depth of 500m containing Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulphate is formed. 200 million years old in Germany produced this amazing Fruit Ace fertilizer.

Phân bón Fruit Ace

Fertilizer Fruit Ace

Due to being harvested naturally, Fruit K is considered a completely natural product, so this product has been recognized by European organizations as an organic product, recommended for organic farming. .

Basic information

– Product name: Fruit ACE

– Other names: Fruit K, Potassium gravel

– Content: 0-0-30+18S+10Mg

– Origin: Germany

– Specification: 50kg/bag

Uses/ Effects/ Applications of Fruit Ace

– Fruit K provides potassium, magnesium and sulfur in the ideal ratio for plants, thus optimizing the plant's ability to absorb nutrients.

– Helps increase productivity and quality of agricultural products, especially those sensitive to chlorine such as fruit trees, pepper, tobacco, vegetables, flowers.

– Fruit ACE is suitable for all soil types, as Fruit ACE is not affected by soil pH.

Hình ảnh thực tế của sản phẩm Fruit K

Actual pictures of the product K Fruit

– Fruit Ace adds essential elements that play an important role in the activation of enzymes, promotes the process of Protein & starch, increases the vitamin content in agricultural products, increases the quality of agricultural products (color, taste).

– Helps to increase the growth ability, the resistance of cultivation in adverse conditions of diseases and weather.

– In addition, Fruit K helps to prolong the shelf life of agricultural products.

– In addition to the effect on plants, Fruit Ace fertilizer is also commonly used in golf courses.

Instructions for using Fruit Ace fertilizer with high efficiency

Type of plant



Industrial plants

200-300 kg/ha/time

Fertilize in the middle and end of the rainy season

Fruit tree

200-300 kg/ha/time

Fertilize in the stage of young fruit and the stage of ripening fruit


0.2- 0.3 kg/pillar

Fertilize after fruit set and fruit growing period


150-200 kg/ha/crop

Fertilize 4 to 4 weeks after planting

Ornamental flowers

Golf course

150-200 kg/ha/crop

Fertilize periodically every 20-30 days

Preservation measures

Preserved in dry, cool place

Hình ảnh phân bón Fruit K

Image of Fertilizer Fruit K

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